Come to packraft with us!

We can lead you packrafting during half a day, a full day or combined with our others activities...

A "packraft", what is that?

A short presentation of your boat...


With a featherweight between 1 and 5 kg, depending on models, it's recordman dans la catégorie "engins flottants" !


Once deflated and rolled, it doesn't take more place than a sleeping bag. That's the perfect for transport. 👌🏼


Made en Drôme (FR), our Mekong Packrafts are built in TPU, much more resistant than PVC coated fabric.

So, what is it made for ?

Here are some examples of its usage...

From still to white waters

Whether it’s on a sea, on a lake or down the river, there are models for all your aquatic adventures...

Travelling trips

A packraft is the perfect companion for roamers... It’s so easy to take it in your car, bus or train for multi-days trips.

"Bikeraft" combined mode

You can also ride your bike from home to the water, then put the bike on the front of the packraft and continue your way paddling.

A wide range of activities await you!

For bricks and baboons, we start quietly... 😎

Discovery day: 125€

Several rivers are available to you, young padawan, who wish to discover the joys of Packrafting. Depending on the water levels, here is what we can offer you:

  • The Ubaye River (04) on High Valley
  • The Ubaye River (04) on Low Valley
  • The Guil River (05) on Low Valley

Discovery half-day: 75€

​At half-day, we are quite in a hurry and it is difficult to enjoy the activity, but it is with pleasure that we will introduce you! Two river for this:

  • The Ubaye River (04) on Low Valley

Pack'aperaft : 75€

We already know that the name arouses your curiosity, and we will explain everything...

Rendez-vous at the end of the day for a splendid navigation in the imperial gorge of the Ubaye to finish at sunset on the lake of Serre-Ponçon with a local aperitif prepared by us.

Level Up for the Coypu 😏

Sensational day : 135€

​Several rivers are available to you, young knight of the paddle. Depending on the water levels, here is what we can offer you:

  • The Ubaye River (04) on High Valley
  • The Guil River (05) on Mid Valley
  • Many other if you already know those ones 

And for the dolphins call us to see what we can do! 😁

You want a combo of climbing and Packrafting on 1 day?

Find more details here

You prefer a combo. of climbing, River-Trekking and packraft on 2 days?

Find more details there

Tu as ton Packraft et tu veux devenir autonome ?

We have what you need! We offer you to train with us on courses of 2 to 4 days, pre-programmed or à la carte

Always in the FUN and the good Mood we teach you to manage your boat and to have the good safety reflex!

To discover all our courses, it goes through there!

Our Courses 

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